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Free Range Eggs -- by Buff Orpington Hens
"tomorrow's eggs are still in the hens"

For many generations our family has been proud to raise Buff Orpington chickens. We incubate our own chicks or allow them to breed naturally from a closed flock. The chickens are not given any chemicals and they feed primarily on our organic trimmings and produce.  We even grow kale just for them.  This is one reason why our yolks are so golden.

When hens get older they still make great companions and help to raise new chickens and teach them the ropes so to speak. So when our hens reach retirement age they are not butchered. They are sold as companions with new chicks or remain here with us.

Our hand-raised flock of Buff Orpington girls lay beautiful brown eggs. To start the eggs are a little smaller but they will grow as the girls mature. If you are interested in purchasing eggs, please give us a call or send us an email. Eggs sold for consumption are typically not fertile.

-$3.50 per dozen

-Limited supply, subject to availability

-Local orders only

October 2011 Update:  Currently there is a waiting list for our eggs.  If you would like to be added to our waiting list, please send us your contact information and let us know your request.  When a spot becomes available, we will contact you.